Outline of Good Design Award winners

2016 | Members Profile

Shunsuke Aoki

Robot Creator | Yukai Engineering Inc. CEO

While studying at the University of Tokyo, founded teamLab Inc. where he assumed the post of CTO. After serving as CTO at pixiv Inc., he founded the robotics venture company, Yukai Engineering Inc. Has developed many IoT products including the social robot, "Coconatch," and the physical computing toolkit, "konashi." The communication robot he developed, "BOCCO," that brings your loved ones closer, was released in 2014.

Kazuhiro Aoyama

Doctor of Engineering | University of Tokyo Professor

A Professor at the University of Tokyo, Department of Systems Innovation. He was inspired by the culture of manufacturing in his home town, Toyota City, Aichi. He also experienced the development of a system for design and production support of ships through collaboration between the university and industry. Utilizing these experiences, he engages in design in the manufacturing industry, decision-making relating to production, and management research. Through specific themes such as designing a line of products, discovery of the trade-off points, and management of changes in customer requests, he is trying to develop new system design and management methods in the System of Systems (SoS) era.

Shigenori Asakura

Industrial Designer | GK Industrial Design Incorporated President

After graduating from the Waseda University School of Science and Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Art Center College of Design in the U.S., Shigenori Asakura entered GK Incorporated. He works with industrial design methods called "integration of technology and art" and "Roots of Architecture and Design" for industrial equipment, commercial equipment and consumer products. He has won numerous awards including the Good Design Grand Award, iF Design Award and IDEA.

Takashi Ashitomi

Product Designer | SAAT DESIGN INC. President

After working at Sony Design Center, Takashi Ashitomi established SAAT DESIGN INC. in 1991. He has been a Professor of Product Design at Tama Art University in the Department of Product and Textile Design since 2008. He is involved in comprehensive design approaches including design development of electronic products such as information technology devices and home electronic appliances, local industry development, and design education.

Yoko Ando

Textile coordinator and Designer | Yoko Ando Design

Graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design. After working at NUNO Corporation, she established Yoko Ando Design in 2011.
Yoko Ando provides textiles for public facilities and individual residences designed by a number of architects, and in a number of other locations.
She takes part in Theater Company ARICA as a costume coordinator.
Part-time Lecturer at Waseda University, School of Creative Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture.
Author of "Yoko Ando: Textiles, Space and Architecture" (LIXIL Publishing).

Taro Igarashi

Architectural Critic | Tohoku University Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Artistic Director of international exhibition"AICHI TRIENNALE 2013", Commissioner of Japanese pavilion VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE 2008, Supervisor of touring exhibition "LEGENDARY HOUSES IN POSTWAR JAPAN" 2014-2015, Guest Curator of touring exhibition "ARCHITECTURE SINCE 3.11", Minister of Education Award for Arts ,Author of "What I thought during walk around disaster area","Essays on Contemporary architects"

Minako Ikeda


After her studies of Art History at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany and graduation from the Tokyo University of the Arts she worked several years as editor at Nikkei Design, Tokyo. Since 2003 she teaches as Associate Professor at Kyushu University, Fukuoka. She is one of the founding members of IIDj, Institute for Information Design Japan.

Hajime Ishikawa

Landscape Designer | Keio University Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance

Born in Kyoto in 1964. Graduated from the Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture. Worked for Kajima Corporation and Landscape Design, Inc. Currently Professor at Keio University. Registered landscape architect (RLA). Publications include "The Landscale Book: A Look at the Ground" (2012) and others. Winner of the AIJ Book Prize and the Kon Wajiro Award by the Japan Society of Lifology (Joint authorship: "Revisiting "Traditional Japanese Houses" by Kon Wajiro" 2012).

Nanako Ishido

Digital Ehon Artist | CANVAS, Digital ehon, Keio University President CANVAS CEO, Digital ehon, Associate Professor at Keio University

After graduating the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo and conducting research as a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, Ms.Ishido established NPO CANVAS, which promotes creative and expressive activities for children. She also serves as executive committee head for the annual "Workshop Collection"expo of creative workshops for children, which brings in crowds of 100,000 people over two days.
Ms. Ishido later founded Digital ehon, a company that develops picture book apps.
She is also a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Information and Communications Council and so on.
Her publications include "Switch of Children's Creativety – a practice of CANVAS as a secret base of play and learning"(Film Art, Inc.) and "A manifesto of Digital Education –the future of children playing and learning with smartphone"(KADOKAWA).

Kaori Ito

Urbanism researcher | Tokyo University of Science Professor, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology

Born in Tokyo. Graduated from the University of Tokyo and received PhD in engineering. After working at Center for Spatial Information Science, the University of Tokyo, she has worked at Tokyo University of Science. Her areas of specialization are urban space analysis and design. Her research interest includes the relationships between public space and public life. She leads the artist group Tokyo Picnic Club and is involved in creative projects for urban public space both internationally and domestically. She also leads Civic Pride Research Group. Her major publications include "Civic Pride" and "Civic Pride 2."

Yoshiaki Irobe

Graphic Designer | Nippon Design Center Art Director

Born in Chiba in 1974. Completed Master Course at Tokyo University of Arts. Yoshiaki Irobe presides at Irobe Design Institute, Nippon Design Center Inc. Part-time Lecturer of Tokyo University of the Arts. He undertakes design work across a broad spectrum from standard graphics to spatial design, applying his graphic design techniques with his editorial perspective. His major works include: VI and signage planning for the Ichihara Lakeside Museum; design direction for the Takeo Paper Show 2011 ("Books"); and the package design for Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. He has won numerous design awards both in Japan and abroad, including awards from SDA, JAGDA, Tokyo ADC, One Show Design and D&AD. In 2015 he held "Yoshiaki Irobe: Wall" at Ginza Graphic Gallery (ggg).

Toru Iwasa

Creative Director | Jiyujin inc. CEO

Born in Tokyo.
In 1989 while a student at Musashino Art University,
he founded a design company, and later, he became an editor.
In 2000, the first magazine "JIYUJIN" was published.
In 2004, he moved his office to Minami Uonuma (Niigata) from Tokyo.
His lifestyle is focused on by the mass media.
In 2004, He created a new style of hotel named SATOYAMA JUJO in Niigata,
and he directs all space, furniture, interior design, and cuisine.
SATOYAMA JUJO won Singapore Good Design Award,
and his work get a high reputation as one of the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100.

Soichi Ueda

Creative Director | Think the Earth Director

Born in 1965. Graduated from the School of Engineering, University of Tokyo. After working at an advertising agency, he established SPACEPORT Inc. in 2000 and Think the Earth in 2001. Since then, he has kept working on creating opportunities to think about and take actions for the environment and society through communication. His main works include Earth Watch wn-1, the mobile application "live earth", publications titled One Hundred Years of Idiocy, Global Change in One Second, and Green Power Book – Renewable Energy Guide as well as a video for planetariums "A story of Biodiversity". A Visiting Professor and Lecturer at Tama Art University.

Takahiro Uchida

M.D./Incubator for Medical Innovations | JOMDD Inc. Founder and CEO

A skilled cardiologist with an M.S. degree from Harvard School of Public Health. Worked for Harvard Clinical Research Institute (Boston, MA), U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a Medical Officer/Reviewer. Also worked for Boston Scientific Corporation's Headquarters as a Medical Director, followed by independent consulting work for multiple medical device startups in the U.S. Silicon Valley. Currently, work for JOMDD, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), a unique incubator for medical innovations, as a Founder and CEO.

Goro Okazaki

Automobile Journalist | Automobile Journalist Association of JAPAN

Goro Okazaki has been writing since he was in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Aoyama Gakuin University College of Science and Engineering. He writes for newspapers, magazines and websites, and serves as an MC for "Let's Go by Car!," a program on TV Kanagawa. In addition to hardware evaluation, he focuses on cars from various perspectives including design, marketing, branding, concept making and industrial theory, and views people and society through cars as his lifework. Director of the Automobile Journalists Association of Japan. Selector of the World Car Awards . Selector of the International Engine of the Year.

Hisato Ogata

Design Engineer | takram design engineering Creative Director

With takram since 2012, Hisato is an award-winning design engineer whose multidisciplinary abilities span from hardware to software and from art to science. A recipient of the Good Design Award in 2004 and the iF Product Design Award in 2005, his work has most recently received acclaim at the Media Arts Festival held by the Japanese National Agency of Cultural Affairs in 2012.

Makoto Okamoto

Interaction Design | FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE Professor, Interaction Design, Department of Media Architecture

Academic background: Completed master program at University of Tsukuba in Design.
Work history: Employed by FUJITSU LTD. and engaged in the development of User Interface.
Present position: Professor at Future University Hakodate in 2000 (up to the present date).
Current research theme is Participatory Design and Perception Design (future body project),etc.
-Member of Board of Japanese Society for the Science of Design
-Member of Human-Centered Design Organization (HCD-Net)
Award: Ambient 2012 Paper Award, SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 BestDemo Award

Macky Kato

Ergonomics Researcher | Waseda University Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences

Graduated Waseda University. M.Eng. Ph.D. Discipline is Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering. Primary researches are the reduction of workload and the improvement of safety in the everyday life, i.e., studies of safety for elderly people and children, studies of road safety for the bicycle and the pedestrian and so on.

Mamoru Kano

Art Director | WOW / Tohoku Institute of Technology Executive Vice President

Mamoru Kano works on expression integrating software development with computer graphics, and is involved in visual design in different areas, including commercial videos and software development. He has released a number of experience-based video works in exhibitions and museums in and outside Japan. In recent years, he has become involved in user interface design on information equipment such as smartphones, and proactively taken part in coproduction with a manufacturer and telecommunications carrier. He is now studying the relationship between user experience and the concept of expression from a viewpoint of design and development.

Takako Kansai

Engineer | Zaim Inc. CEO , Founder

After her work as a journalist and an editor at Nikkei Business Publishing, Inc., from 2001, Takako Kansai was involved in the planning and development for two web venture companies where she worked. She taught herself technology for service and app development, and released "Zaim," a family bookkeeping app as a personal service in 2011. Zaim Inc. was incorporated in 2012, and the company has grown to one of the biggest service providers in Japan, which captured the triple crown in Japan for the top App in its category on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store, solely through word of mouth. A member of "Workshop on the Utilization of Information in the Distribution and Logistic areas" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Masayuki Kiyasu

Educational TV Programmer | Japan Broadcasting Corporation Controller,Programming, Programming Department

Masayuki Kiyasu entered NHK in 1985, and mainly produced informational programs and educational programs as a producer. Later he took charge of developing programs such as "Techne: Videos for Class" and "Bijutune!" as Executive Manager of NHK Educational. Since 2014 he has been involved in programming all educational programs as Educational TV Programmer, and has driven development beyond media by collaborating with museums nationwide in the "Sunday Museum 40th Anniversary Campaign" to show archive videos related to the collections.

Jin Kuramoto

Product Designer | JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO Inc. CEO : Representative Director

Born in 1976 in Awaji island Japan. He joined electric company in Tokyo as product designer.In 2008 he estab-lished JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO in Tokyo, where he works in a variety of design fields, for both international and domestic clients. A lot of winning like IF Design award, Good Design award etc.

Mikiya Kobayashi


Mikiya Kobayashi, born in Tokyo, in 1981, established his own studio in 2006. Since his beginnings, Kobayashi's creation process is not focused on the way we use the object but on the sensitivity in the perception of its designs. He is always looking for a singularity in his minimalist shaping. His line is subjective because always sensitive.
A lot of winning like IF DESIGN GOLD AWARD, RED DOT AWARD, Good DESIGN etc. In 2011, Opened the store "TAIYOU no SHITA."

Seiichi Saito

Creative/Technical Director | Rhizomatiks co.,ltd. CEO

Born in Kanagawa in 1975, Mr. Saito began his career in New York in 2000 after graduating from Columbia University with a Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design (MSAAD). Since then, he has been active in creative work at the Arnell Group, and returned to Japan upon being selected for the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial event. He produces works in the commercial art field which are three-dimensional and interactive while also being based on the firm grounding in logical thought that he cultivated through architecture. Mr. Saito has won numerous international awards at the 2009-2015. He currently serves as Director of Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd.,

Chiho Sasaki

Experience Designer | infield design inc. Director

Founded infield design in 2004. Has been providing a wide range of user experience design proposals, including medical, nursing care, community, mobility, resource conservation and urban planning, for clients from home and abroad. Coauthor of "The First Step of Product Planning" (Sekigakusha). Prior employment includes IDEO and GK Graphics. Holds a master's degree from the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in graphic design from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music.

Hiroki Sato

Ph. D. Design | Department of Design, Chiba Institute of Technology Professor

Doctorate (in Design) obtained at Graduate School of the University of Tsukuba. Specializes in studies of kansei (sensitivity) evaluation on design. Worked in design development of automobiles at Honda R&D Co., Ltd. and served as a full-time lecturer at Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design prior to taking up his current position at Chiba Institute of Technology in 2007. Director, the Japanese Society for the Science of Design. Member, the Japan Society of Kansei Engineering. Member, the Education Committee, the Japan Industrial Designers' Association. Director, Street Design Research Organization. Co-author of "Product Design - For Those Who Are Involved in Product Development."

Fumie Shibata

Product Designer | Design Studio S Representative Director

Representative director of Design Studio S Professor of Musashino Art University.
After graduating from Musashino Art University, Fumie Shibata established her own design studio, Design Studio S. With a strong focus on industrial design, she is active in a wide range of areas, from designing electronics and healthcare products to acting as creative director for a hotel. She has won numerous awards, including the Mainichi Design Award, the Good Design Gold Award.

Keita Suzuki


Born in 1982. After graduating the Product Design Department of Tama Art University in 2006, Keita launches PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER, as well as product brand "THE"; simultaneously opening "THE SHOP" in the KITTE Marunouchi department store in Tokyo Station. PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER is a Product Design studio that manages projects from the initial planning to the engineering on an international scale, specializing in a variety of fields such as electronics, Train, furniture, home decor, and art.

Gen Suzuki

Product Designer | GEN SUZUKI STUDIO Director

Born in 1975. Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art. Completed the Design Products Programme at the Royal College of Art (RCA). Worked for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (now Panasonic Corporation), and IDEO at their London and Boston Offices. Returned to Japan in 2014. Founded GEN SUZUKI STUDIO. Has worked in various fields of design, including household consumer products, home electrical appliances and furniture, and offered consultation to domestic and overseas companies. Lecturer at Kanazawa College of Art and Tama Art University.

Koichi Suzuno


Born in 1973. Graduated from Department of Architecture, Science University of Tokyo. Completed the Master Course of Architecture, Yokohama National University. Worked at Coelacanth K&H. Worked at Kerstin Thompson Architects / Melbourne. Founded in 2004 with Shinya Kamuro, TORAFU ARCHITECTS employs a working approach based on architectural thinking. Currently lecturer at Musashino Art University and Tama Art University. Guest professor at Kyoto Seika University and Ritsumeikan University.

Miyuki Tamai


Miyuki Tamai plays an active part in design industry as a CMF designer, the CEO of FEEL GOOD CREATION INC. and a contract lecturer of Musashino Art University. After working in Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Ms Tamai has founded FEEL GOOD CREATION INC., the only Japanese company which specializes in CMF design. The company has been designing and providing consultation service for a variety of industries such as automobile, consumer electronics and interior.
In order to help manufacturers widening their business, Ms Tamai has also founded "CMF Design Link", a business which mixes CMF thinking into manufacturing technology. The business holds a CMF exhibition "Ao-fes" annually.

Dominique Chen

Information Studies Researcher/IT Entrepreneur | Dividual Inc. / NPO Commonsphere Co-Founder/Board Member

Graduated from UCLA (media arts) and PhD from Tokyo University, Dominique, as a board member of NPO Commonsphere, has been promoting the idea and system of "Creative Commons" in Japan since 2004. He was awarded the "Super Creator" title from IPA/METI. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded Dividual Inc, to develop human-centric web services and smartphone apps. One of its apps, Picsee, was selected "Best 2015 Apps" by Apple. Numerous works selected by the committee of Japan Media Arts Festival (2008,2012). Translator of Murray Shanahan's "The Technological Singularity". Author of "Guidebook towards building a Free Culture". He was also a regular "net navigator" on NHK TV's NEWS WEB program between April 2015 and March 2016.

Manabu Chiba

Architect | The University of Tokyo Professor, Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering

Holds Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Tokyo. Worked for Nihon Sekkei, Inc. and Factor N Associates prior to founding Chiba Manabu Architects in 2001. Assumed current post in 2013. Major works include "Japan Guide Dog Center" (AIJ Prize), "Otaki Town Hall" (2013 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation-Awards of Merit) and "Kogakuin University 125th Memorial Education Center" (Murano Togo Prize). Author of "Rule of the site" "Design the place for people to meet "and other books.

Yui Tezuka

Architect | TEZUKA ARCHITECTS President

Born in Kanagawa in 1969. Graduated from Musashi Institute of Technology in 1992. Studied at University College of London, Bartlett School of Architecture from 1992 to 1993. In 1994 Yui Tezuka established TEZUKA ARCHITECTS with Takaharu Tezuka. Part-time Lecturer at Toyo University since 1999. Part-time Lecturer at Tokai University since 2001. Visiting Professor at the University of California, Berkeley in 2006. Her major works include "Roof House" (18th Yoshioka Award), "Fuji Kindergarten" (Prize of AIJ), "Asahi Kindergarten" (Good Design Gold Award), "SORA no MORI CLINIC" (JIA Award), Author of "Takaharu + Yui Tezuka: Architecture Catalog (1 to 3)."

Ricca Tezuchi

Product Designer | PROPELLER DESIGN Director

Born in Chiba in 1971. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School and working at Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (now Panasonic Corporation) and IDEO Japan, Ricca Tezuchi established PROPELLER DESIGN in 2003. Part-time Lecturer of Kuwasawa Design School.

Naoki Terada

Architect/Designer | inter office ltd. Director, Design Division

Completed the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA School) diploma course in the UK in 1994.
Has designed and built brands for a variety of products, architecture and interior decoration.
Founded Teradadesign Architects in 2003.
Founded Terada Mokei in 2011.
Opened Terada Mokei shop in 2013.
Has assumed the post of Director at the Inter Office since 2014.

Kazufumi Nagai

Creative Director | HAKUHODO DESIGN President

President and CEO, HAKUHODO DESIGN, Inc., and Professor, Tama Art University
Kazufumi Nagai joined Hakuhodo in 1985, after graduated from Tama Art University, and established HAKUHODO DESIGN in 2003. He has won numerous awards both in Japan and internationally, including the Mainichi Design Award, the Creator of the Year award, and the ADC Grand Prize.

Jo Nagasaka

Architect/ Designer | Schemata Architects Principal

Jo Nagasaka founded Schemata Architects in 1998. His works span across architecture, industrial and interior. He takes design approach based on 1:1 scale, exploring new perspectives and values out of existing things and environments.

Shiho Nagamachi

Lighting Designer | LEM Design Studio Co,Ltd. President

Kyoto University of Art & Design, Visiting professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Lecturer The GOOD DESIGN AWARD of Japan Industrial(1990~2015), The illuminating engineering institute of Japan, Good Lighting Award(2007~2015), MIDOUSUJI Illumination proposal 1st prize, IES illumination awards 2013(USA) (Doujima Bridge), Osaka & Kobe urban landscape Council

Kenta Nakamura

Businessman、Editor | Shigotohito Inc. CEO

Born in 1979 in Tokyo. Received the Master degree of architect, Meiji University. After worked at XYMAX Inc., established 'Nihon Shigoto Hyakka', which is the website for recruitment.Acting as a director at 'Shibuya Daigaku Shigoto-ka'and 'Shigoto Hito Library'Also supervising the management and design of 'Little Tokyo' and 'Shigoto-bar', which is the project creating the small town in the middle of Tokyo.A Work:'Shigoto to Hito no aida wo kangaeru (: Consider the connection between works and people)',Shigoto Hito Library

Hiroshi Nakamura

Architect | Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co.,Ltd President

After working at Kengo Kuma and Associates, he established Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co., Ltd. His major works include "Sayama Forest Chapel," "Ribbon Chapel" and "Optical Glass House." Awards: Grand Award of JCD Design Award 2006, 2013 and 2014, Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) Award, LEAF AWARDS 2015, Overall Winner. Publications: "Architecture in Love" (ASCII), "Microscopic Design Theory" (INAX Publishing).

Susumu Namikawa

Creative Director | DENTSU INC. Manager, Social Design Engine

Undertook many projects on social agenda such as "Global Handwashing Day Project" by UNICEF, and also the experimental trial of new structure of society such as "WITHOUT MONEY SALE", EC site in which you cannot buy something with money.
Books: "Social Design - How to produce a project making a difference to the society" (KIRAKUSHA, Inc.), "Communication Shift – From Producing Goods to Producing a Better Society" (Hatori Press, Inc.) and many others
Speaker: TEDxTokyo Teachers 2015

Kota Nezu

Creative Communicator | znug design,inc. CEO

Born in Tokyo in 1969. Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University with a major in industrial design. Joined Toyota Motor Corporation where he served as the concept development leader for "i-unit" exhibited at EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN. Launched znug design Inc. in 2005. Engaged in concept planning and the design of various industrial products, helping to revitalize the creation endeavors of corporations. Under the theme of "from a small factory to the world," he has developed the "zec00," an electric motorcycle with others who were in agreement with his idea. Also a co-developer of Toyota's concept car, "Camatte." Has displayed his works at domestic and overseas design exhibitions, including the "JAPAN DESIGN+" booth of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, at Maison & Objet in Paris. Winner of numerous awards, including the Good Design Award (Japan) and the iF Design Award (Germany).

Yoshiharu Hamada

Product Designer | Tama Art University Associate Professor, Product Design Division

Born in Tokyo in 1970. Graduated in product design from Tama Art University. In 1996, he attended a graduate course in industrial design at the Royal College of Art, England. After working at in Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd, in charge of Product Design and Brand Direction, established Studio Galleryworks in Milan. Graduated from Domus Academy's master's course in design in 2002. Became an associate professor at Tama Art University since 2008. A Visiting Professor in the Oslo Art University, Norway in 2013.

Nobuyuki Hayashi

Journalist/Consultant | freelance

A freelance journalist focusing on social impact of information technology and reporting them on various Japanese media outlets; also known for actively reporting Japanese tech culture on various foreign media. Served as a consultant to several communication companies. Have been serving as judge for James Dyson Award since 2013. Author of "iPad Shock" and more than a dozen other books.

Yuma Harada

art director / designer | UMA /design farm

CEO of UMA/design farm. Visiting Professor at Kyoto University of Art & Design, Department of Spatial Design. Born in Osaka in 1979. Based in Osaka, Yuma Harada works on design through continued dialogues and experiments focusing on "Think Together, Make Together" as regards projects on culture, welfare, education and community. She aims to visualize philosophy and to create new experiences through graphics, books, space, exhibitions, planning and development. Director of DESIGNEAST and Shodo Island Hishionosato+Sakate Port Project.

Masashi Hino

Architect | SALHAUS

Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 1998. After working for Riken Yamamoto, Hino co-founded SALHAUS with Motoki Yasuhara and Mari Tochizawa in 2008. Served as Design Assistant for the Yokohama National University "Y-GSA" from 2007 to 2010. Active in architectural design and urban development. His representative works include "Gunma Agricultural Technology Center," "Ohgiya Ryokan," "apartment building complex in Nishi-Azabu" and "CROSS STREET." Awards include the Practical Use of Wood Competition, First Prize/Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, the BCS Award and AIJ Prizes.

Naomi Hirabayashi

Art Director/Graphic Designer | PLUG-IN GRAPHIC

Born in Tokyo. After graduation from Musashino Art University, She started working as an art director/graphic designer for Shiseido Co., Ltd. In 2002, She was granted an opportunity to go to England to temporarily work for MadeThought, a design studio in London.
After returning to Japan, She engaged herself in designing many ads for different products and creating a number of package and book-binding designs as a freelancer. The works She created have acquired her Tokyo ADC prize, NYADC GOLD, British D&AD, as well as many other awards.

Matthew Forrest

Service Designer | Sony Corporation

After entering Sony in 1999, worked as a technical writer for instruction manuals, including the world's first commercial Blu-ray Disc recorder. Studied Service Design at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design and graduated In 2008 with a Master's in Information Planning and Communication Design. Joined the Creative Center at Sony in 2009 and has since been Involved with numerous interactive and service projects for mobile apps and sports devices. Gave a presentation at the first Service Design Network Conference In Japan in 2013, and won the Good Design 2014 -Design for the Future Award and Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015.

Keiichiro Fujisaki

Design Critique | Tokyo University of the Arts Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design

Born in 1963. After working as the chief editor for the "Designers' Workshop" magazine, Keiichiro Fujisaki got involved in writing articles, and editing magazines and books regarding design as a freelancer. Author of "Do Not Design," covering the advertising firm Draft. Recently he edited a book called "T5: Front Line of Book Design in Taiwan." Associate Professor since 2010 and Professor since 2016 at Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design.

Taiji Fujimori


After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University (Department of Design) in 1991, he studied under furniture designer Teruaki Ohashi. He joined the Itsuko Hasegawa Atelier (Architectural Planning Studio) in 1992, and then established TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER in 1999. He specializes in furniture design and is actively engaged in interior/product design projects and works in collaboration with various architects. He also serves as a lecturer at the KUWASAWA Design School, Musashino Art University, Tama Art University and Nippon Institute of Technology.

Yuji Hoshino

Engineer Architect | Kumamoto University Associate Proffesor, Graduate School of Science and Technology

Born in 1971. Graduated from the school of engineering, the University of Tokyo. After working for APL associates, Inc. Currently Associate Professor at Kumamoto University. Publications include "Understanding and Building Landscape". Recipient of some awards, including " The best paper of the year by a young researcher" from Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Good Design Award 2012 Sustainable Award.

Shuichi Matsumura

Professor, Dr. Eng. | The University of Tokyo Professor, School of Engineering

Architectural Engineering (building construction methods and construction production)
"Architecture – A New Form of Work" (Shokokusha Publishing Co., Ltd., 2013)
"Industry of Box – Interviews with Prefabricated House Developers" (Shokokusha Publishing Co., Ltd., 2013)
"3D Illustrated Building Construction Methods" (Ichigaya Publishing Co., Ltd., 2014), and others
AIJ Prize (Research Theses Division) 2005, AIJ PRIZE (Book)2015, Association of Urban Housing Sciences Award (Book) 2008・2015, JAFM Award 2016.

Tsuyoshi Matsuyama

Corporate Manager | MARKS & WEB CO., LTD. President

Born in Tokyo in 1964. Graduated from Keio University in 1986 with a degree in Economics. In 1994, following his career at Hakuhodo Inc. and Mitsubishi Corporation, he joined his family's business, formerly Matsuyama General Partnership Company, and became president in 2000. He also became president of MARKS & WEB CO., LTD. which he established in December of the same year. MARKS & WEB operates 78 retail stores nationwide at present. Matsuyama served as a member of Sumida Brand Strategy Promotion Exploratory Committee and currently a member of Yamanashi "Water" Brand Strategy Advisory Conference.

Kazushige Miyake

Designer | miyake design co., ltd. CEO

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1973. Established miyake design in 2005. Designs a wide range of items, from home electrical appliances and furniture to household sundries and traditional Japanese products for companies both domestically and overseas. Is a part-time lecturer at Tama Art University.

Mitsuhiro Miyazaki

Art Director | AXIS Inc. Managing Director, Design Dept.

Born in Tokyo in 1957. Director, AXIS Inc. Professor, Department of Information Design,
Tama Art University. Director, NPO "Think the Earth Project." Miyazaki provides art direction for the design magazine, "AXIS," and also serves as Director, unifying the Design Division of AXIS Inc. to perform branding and design development for various corporations and organizations. His recent major works have included planning the exhibition, "Kome – The Art of Rice" at 21_21DESIGN SIGHT and production of the official book for the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Tamotsu Murakami

Design Engineering Researcher | The University of Tokyo Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 1984, and the Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 1989. Doctor of Engineering. In English, the term, "design" is used for both engineering design and industrial design. Murakami's areas of expertise are research and education on the mathematical methods and software/hardware technology that assist designers and give full scope to their originality and diversity to design (design by human) and create products that can provide new values to meet the users' needs, sensibilities and diversity (design for human).

Chiaki Murata

Product Designer, Design Producer | Hers Design Inc. / METAPHYS
Kyoto Art & Design University President / Professor / Director

After graduating from the Osaka City University, Faculty of Engineering, Applied Physics Department and working for Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd, Chiaki Murata established Hers Experimental Design Laboratory, Inc. in 1986.
He is involved in wide-range of design activities, such as publication of ‘Textbook of Social Design' in 2014, and ‘Behavior Design Thinking For Probrems'in 2015. Served as the director of ‘Echizen iiza', ‘Hyakunen-Monogatari from Niigata', ‘Tokyo Metropolitan Museum New Traditional Crafts Produce TOKYO CRAFTS & DESIGN', ‘Tottori RVP', Nanbu Satoyama Design University, etc. for contribution to local development. Started graduate school SDI (Social Design Institute) to investigate with social problems in 2011.

Yoko Yasunishi

Designer | DRILL DESIGN Co,.Ltd. Director

Born in Gifu-prefecture, 1976, studied sociology at Waseda University, studied design and
founded DRILL DESIGN with Yusuke Hayashi in the year 2001. The studio is providing individualized solutions and concepts to clients and society with flexible creations between product and graphic design.
The studio has developed several brands for its clients and launched them to the world. The studio also offers designs for companies like MUJI, CANON, Mercedes, Camper, etc…
DRILL DESIGN has exhibited its work in Tokyo, Singapore, Milan, Paris and Stockholm. They have been awarded with many national and international renowned awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, The Good Design Award in Japan and The Design For Asia Award.

Teruhiro Yanagihara


Since the establishment of his own office, Teruhiro Yanagihara has been involved in various projects worldwide, working across national borders, culture and categories as a designer. Creative Director for the 400th Anniversary Project for Arita Ware in 2016.

Ryo Yamazaki

Community Designer | studio-L, inc. CEO

Professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design (Department chair of Community Design). Special Guest Professor at Keio University. Born in Aichi in 1973. Graduated from the graduate school of Osaka Prefectural University and the graduate school of the University of Tokyo. Received PhD in engineering. After working at Architecture and Landscape Design Office, Ryo Yamazaki established studio-L in 2005. He is involved in community design helping local people to solve local problems. He has a number of projects related to community development workshops, including general planning creation with resident participation and grass-roots park management. He has won awards including the Good Design Awards for "Ama Town General Promotion Plan," "studio-L Iga Office" and "Shimanowa 2014," and the Kids Design Award for "Parent-and-Baby Notebook." Author of "Community Design" (Gakugei Publishing, awarded by the Real Estate Companies Association), "Age of Community Design" (Chuokoron-Shinsha), "Social Design Atlas" (Kajima Institute Publishing) and "Happiness Theory of Cities" (NHK Publishing).

Yu Yamada

Buyer | method inc. President

Born in Tokyo. After being a buyer for IDEE SHOP in Minami Aoyama, Yu Yamada founded method inc. in 2007 and began working as a freelance buyer. Currently President of method inc. In 2013, he released "Discover Japan Special Issue: Specialty Shops for Living" through Ei-Publishing, and in 2014, he released "Sales through Design and Taste: The method of shop success" through Seibundo Shinkosha.

Tomohiko Yamanashi

Architect | NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD Senior Executive Officer, Deputy Head of Architectural Design Department

Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1984, and earned a Master of Urban Engineering degree from the University of Tokyo in 1986. Since joining Nikken Sekkei Ltd, he has been engaged in architectural design management.
Proactively promotes BIM, a design method using computers, and development of the practical operations of computational design. His representative works include Jinbocho Theater (SD Review, JIA Young Architects Award), Mokuzai Kaikan building (MIPIM ASIA Special Jury Award, JIA Award), Hoki Museum (JIA Grand Prix, BCS Award), and NBF Osaki Building (formerly called Sony City Osaki) (AIJ Annual Architectural Design Commendation). Publications include "Google Sketchup – Super Manual" (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing), "Building Information Model" (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing) and "How to Design the Ultimate Ecological Architecture" (X-Knowledge Co., Ltd.).

Hideo Yamamoto

Product Designer | Ottimo Design Co., Ltd. President

After graduating from Tama Art University and working at Yamaha Corporation Design Laboratory and Apex, Hideo Yamamoto established Ottimo Design Co., Ltd. in 1989. He is involved in product design for things such as commodities, furniture, household equipment and medical equipment, and space design such as signage plans and public furniture.
His major works include restrooms of the Marunouchi Building, product design for Muji, SKYLUX CRYSTAL surgical lighting equipment, Uniline medical gas supply facility and signage plans for the Marunouchi area. Currently Part-time Lecturer at Tama Art University.

Hiroaki Watanabe

Industrial Designer | Plane co.,ltd. President

Industrial designer. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School and working at Richo Company, Ltd., Hiroaki Watanabe moved to the U.S., where he was involved in the design of various industrial products as a senior designer at frog design and Ziba Design. After returning to Japan he established Plane co., ltd. He has been involved in manufacturing in different areas both in Japan and internationally, mainly in the field of industrial design. He is also a Part-time Lecturer at Tama Art University.

Gary Chang

Architect | EDGE Design Institute Ltd. Managing Director

Gary Chang has become one of the foremost creative forces within the architectural, interior and product design industry, by challenging traditional boundaries and rethinking the possibilities with and dynamism of spatial flexibility. He has built a reputation for his multi-disciplinary designs that combine modernism with tradition, innovation with familiarity, urbanity with nature, and art with practicality. Born in Hong Kong, Gary did not view the 32 m2 apartment in which he lived with his parents and three sisters as a constraint. Instead, the small space sparked a lasting curiosity in redefining the potential of compact spaces. Gary graduated from The University of Hong Kong in 1987 and founded his company EDGE in 1994. Since then, Gary has demonstrated his keen artistic visions through his numerous award-winning designs, keynote lectures and literary works. These include such notable works as the Suitcase House in Beijing, his Kung-fu tea-set for ALESSI, his book "Hotel as Home", and of course, the latest transformation of his 32 m2 apartment. A YouTube video of the latter was a sensation and an inspiration to millions globally. With a fervent passion for offering transformational designs that exemplify ultimate adaptability, choice and sensibility, Gary Chang is undoubtedly one of the most symbolic and influential figures in the design world today.

Do-sung Chung

Industrial Designer | Professor

Born in Tokyo in 1957. Went to South Korea in 1973 and after graduating from junior high school, high school and university, he learned his mother language of Korean. After graduating from Department of Industrial Arts, Kookmin University, he got his master's degree at the Graduate School of Tokai University, Japan, and his doctorate in formative arts psychology at Dongseo University, Korea. He built up his design activities from 1983 to 1988 at Toyoguchi Design Laboratory, Ltd. and FDM, Inc., and then from 1988, he was in charge of product design at universities in Korea: the University of Ulsan and the National University of Technical Education. Since 1995, he has served as a professor of the Department of Industrial Design at Kookmin University. He was Dean of the Faculty of Formative Arts at Kookmin University from 2005 to 2008, a Director of UIT Design Education School from 2006 to 2010, and a Director of the Graduate School of Techno Design from 2010. He has also held positions such as President of the Korea Industrial Design Association since 2014, and Director of Asia Creative Center since 2010. He is now interested in exploring new design possibilities by combining design with the results of other research fields such as ergonomics, systems engineering, and cognitive psychology.

Juhyun Eune

Media Designer | Seoul National University Vice dean and Professor/Ph.D, Director of Intermedia Lab

Juhyun Eune is a professor of Media Design and vice dean at the College of the Fine Arts at Seoul National University (SNU), Korea. She is the director of the SNU Intermedia Lab, a research laboratory that focuses on information and interaction/UX design. She developed a new major for Integrated Creative Design (ICD) that brings together students from design, engineering, and business management to collaborate on Information Communication Technology (ICT) projects. She is a co-founder of DESIS Network Korea (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability), where she uses Infographics to draw attention to, and change the behavior of people towards, heavy issues like the environment, minorities, the disabled, aging, and those affecting children.
She has filled a vice president of DCSK(Design Convergence Society of Korea), KIDM(Korea Institute of Design Management) and KIPFA. She undertook for conducting CHI 2015 Seoul as head of steering committee and acted as a chairperson of Interactivity at CHI2015 session. She was a chief co-organizer of HCI Korea 2009 and organizing committee of IASDR 2009.
As a professional she has worked as a designer for Daewoo Electronics in Korea, a 3D designer for Time Warner in New York, and was CEO of the design firm NetaWork in Seoul. She received her Bachelor of Science (B.S), Master of Science (M.S) and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Design from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology) in Korea. She has a Masters' degree from the Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) at New York University (NYU) where her research focused on the fusion of art and technology.
Her publications include Visual Storytelling (2015), Sustainable Urban Life (2014), Green IT(2012), Integrated Creative Design (2012, Juhyun Eune et al), Visual Communication Design Trend (2009) and User Interaction Design Anthology (2005).
She has received the Media Pioneer Award from Tisch School of the Art, Dissertation Supervisor Award from User Friendly China and Korea Society of Design Science. Recently she has won Minister prize from Ministry of Science, ICT and future planning for her contribution of expanding the base of ICT contents, and named as 'Person of the Year' from Marquis Who's Who in the world on 2014.

Jung-Ya Hsieh

Inventor | SquareX, GIXIA Group, THAT Inventions Co. Chairman

Jung-Ya Hsieh, the founder of GIXIA Group, THAT inventions and SquareX, is the most awarded designer in the Greater China area. Hsieh and his team have elevated the design values of Taiwan by integrating advanced technologies from various industries into the field of design. He has won 112 international design awards, 9 of which are top honors from iF, Reddot, G-Mark and IDEA. Jung-Ya Hsieh is making unprecedented success among Chinese designers and his contemporaries.


Professor | Tsinghua University Director, DMR Lab

Focused Design strategy and management research on user lifestyle, culture aesthetics and design value. Research projects with Boeing, LG, Lenovo etc. Award: Light "Jac"/Norway/1992), Dental Unit (China/1999), Furniture (Silver award/ China /2004). Top ten China Design Educator (CIAD/2013), Published 30 papers etc.

Carl Liu

Industrial Designer | Niu Technologies Inc. VP

Carl Liu is the founder of brand CARLLIU which is dedicated on creating quality sustainable lifestyle objects for everyday usage. He is currently working as the Design VP of Niu Technologies in Shanghai China. Carl's signature designs included Compaq iPaq PDA, Nike running watch Triax 300 and Triax 50. These products had been sold over millions and won international awards like G-Mark, IDSA and I.D Magazine. Carl is enthusiastic about elevating the design level in Asia. He has published two design books Carl Liu Design Book and Innovative Product Design Practice since 2005. His books have influenced students and designers worldwide. They have become textbooks for many design schools and universities in China. Prior to that, Carl worked at BMW Designworks, Ideadao Design, Walt Disney, Intel, Motorola and Astro Studios.

Lee Siang Tai

Architect | President of Design Business Chamber Singapore

Mr Tai Lee Siang graduated with honours from NUS in 1987 and has practiced as an architect and urban planner since 1990. His key projects have won both local and international awards and he was featured in the URA exhibition "20 under 45" in 2004. On design front, Mr Tai held the position of President of Singapore Institute of Architects from 2007 to 2009. During his term, he inaugurated the formation of ARCHIFEST that has become the top and only architecture festival in Asia. In 2009, following his impact on the design world, he was elected as the first chairman of Design Alliance of Singapore, DesignS - an alliance representing 9 design association in Singapore. In 2014, he was elected President of Design Business Chamber Singapore - overseeing the transformation of design industry through the installation several initiatives such as the launch of Singapore Good Design Mark in 2014. On sustainability front, Mr Tai was appointed as Chairman of REACH, Environmental Sustainability Committee in 2008 - a committee to provide feedback to the Inter-Ministry Committee on Sustainability Development. Mr Tai then formed the SIA Green Committee leading to the first collaboration on Green product exhibition with BEX Asia 2009 and International Green Building Convention with BCA. He was elected as President of Singapore Green Building Council in 2011, a key body for the promotion and advocacy of Green Buildings in Singapore Under his leadership, the first green building product certification scheme in Singapore was established. The growth of the green building industry gained significant milestone both locally and globally during his tenure. In 2013, he was officially appointed as a Board Director of World Green Building Council and was subsequently elected as Vice Chairman in 2014. Mr Tai is the Chairman of the Campus Planning Committee and Board of Trustee for Singapore University of Technology and Design, Ministry of Education. He is also Board Member of Health Science Authority, Singapore. Mr Tai currently holds the position of Group Managing Director of Ong&Ong Group – a multi-discipline consultancy firm that provides 360º solution encompassing Urban Planning, Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Environment branding, Lighting, Experience Design and Project Management.

Pradyumna Vyas

Industrial Designer | DIRECTOR, NID & MEMBER SECRETARY, INDIA DESIGN COUNCIL, Professor of National Institute of Design

Pradyumna Vyas acquired a Masters in Industrial Design from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Vyas has more than 30 years of professional and teaching experience in different spheres of design. Since the last 27 years, he has been associated with the National Institute of Design (NID) as a faculty in the Industrial Design discipline. In April 2009, he was appointed as the Director of the National Institute of Design. In pursuance of the National Design Policy approved by the Cabinet in February 2007, an India Design Council was constituted in March 2009 and Mr Vyas has been nominated as its Member Secretary by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. Prior to joining NID, Vyas acquired three years overseas experience at the Kilkenny Design Centre, Republic of Ireland. In June 2010, Vyas was conferred with an honorary Master of Arts degree from the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, UK for his contributions to design education and design promotion. Mr Vyas was awarded for his Outstanding Contribution to Design Education at the 2nd edition of Asia's Best B-School Award at Singapore in July 2011 and in July 2015 by World Education Congress. In March 2016, he was honoured with the 'Lifetime Achievement Award - Design, 2016' at the first 'India UX Design Awards' for the contribution towards the designing community and his pioneering efforts in the field of design education and design promotion.

Manfred Wang

Product Designer | National Taiwan Normal University Professor, Department of Design

Professor of design at National Taiwan Normal University and Principal Creative Advisor for Qisda Corporation. Prior to 2013, Wang was the Vice President & Chief Design Officer of BenQ & Qisda Group and the General Manager of QisDESIGN Lifestyle Products Business Unit. Under his guidance, BenQ and Qisda have won more than 375 international design awards. Manfred Wang graduated with a Master of Industrial Design from Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design Germany in 1994.

Eggarat Wongcharit

Creative Director | CRAFT FACTOR CO.,LTD.

In 2002, Eggarat has founded "Crafactor" a furniture export company. He started to develop his professional furniture design practice to the scope of global market. He started a research study on Thailand's local furniture manufacturing in Chiangmai and Bangkok to seek for the new establishment of modern Thai products. In the end, he had discovered the advantages of using craftsmanship that was hidden behind the massive production of product manufacturing. Craftsmanship and local technical know-how were his main focus to collaborate his design ideas. At this point, he has drawn out the individual personality of each local manufacturing process and further developed it to obtain distinguished results. Not only his global design approach can blend in so well with the local industrial crafts production but the outcome of finished product had founded him a distinguish expression on his furniture manufacturing.At present Crafactor's products have gained reputation among public medias and has won many local and international awards. To date, many of Eggarat's furniture collections are exported to more than 35 countries around the globe.

Ming-Lung Yu

Graphic Designer | YU MING LUNG DESIGN CO. Art Director

Born in Pingzhen City, Taoyuan County of Taiwan in 1957; graduated from Department of Fine Arts in National Taiwan Normal University, Mr. Yu now not only as a professor in Department of Visual Communication Design in Asia University, as a academician of Taiwan Academy of Arts, but also serve as Art Director in Yu Ming-Lung Design Co..

Mr. Yu's design work includes CIS design for companies, brands and events, book binding and layout design, cultural and creative product design. Back to 1991, Mr. Yu is one of co-founders of "Taiwan Image Poster Association"; since then, Mr. Yu has concentrated on visual artistic creation on posters. By using images and colors of Taiwan, his creations express Mr. Yu's dexterity and the modern concise style. Mr. Yu has devoted himself to loving his hometown, pursuing inner secrets of the culture, and concerning about life through visual artistic creation on posters.