Outline of Good Design Award winners

2014|Project Outline

Guiding principles of the Good Design Award
HUMANITY Emerging creative power for products and conceptual embodiments
HONESTY Insight toward contemporary society
INNOVATION Conceptual power to pioneer the future
ESTHETICS Imaginative power for a prosperous lifestyle culture
ETHICS Thinking power to shape society and the environment

Perspectives of the screening

Human perspective

  • Whether due considerations, including usability, understandability, and friendliness, etc., are given to users
  • Whether various considerations, including safety, security, environment, physically weak persons, etc., are given to maintain the credibility
  • Whether the design gains sympathy of users
  • Whether the design has attractiveness and induces users’ creativity

Industrial perspective

  • Whether issues are skillfully solved by using new technology and materials or through creativity
  • Whether the item is reasonably designed or planned with appropriate technology, method, and quality
  • Whether the item contributes to the creation of new industry or business

Social perspective

  • Whether the item contributes to the creation of new culture, such as a new method, lifestyle, communication, etc.
  • Whether the item contributes to the realization of the sustainable society
  • Whether the item suggests new value, such as a new method, concept, style, etc. to society

Project Outline

Took over the improvement of fiscal 2013, the Good Design Award 2014 continued to carry out an appropriate screening, increase the winners’ profit, and enhance the public relations feature as the objective. Points of improvement are as follows.

Enhancement of screening :

  • Subsequent to the previous year, in order to perform the screening with a perspective of "system - interaction" for all entries, a special screening unit was established to conducted cross screening.
  • Revise part of screening point of view and carry out documented examination process then published as a "Jury tutorial book". In addition, application category, screening unit classification, entry application have been optimized.
  • For the purpose of screening with more precise information, the "Interactive hearing" which started from last year, was held by ahead of schedule on the second day of the 2nd Screening.

Continuation and enhancements of special measures for reconstruction assistance :
The exemption of entry fee and G mark usage fee was continued this year for the purpose of supporting the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake 2011. In addition, although for the exemption of G mark use fee was limited to winners since fiscal 2011, we applied this for winners before 2011.

Improvement of the presence of Good Design Award in Asia :
The cooperation with Thailand, India, Singapore started from last year, and co-project cooperated with Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar with Japan ASEAN Centre, "Good Design Award Mekong design selection" were also conducted this year. Oversea screening was also been held in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea this year with expands of local jury.

Good Design Award 2014 Schedule

Good Design Award 2014 Guideline Release (April 2)
The Guideline of Good Design Award 2014

Good Design Award Application period (April 15 - June 10)

1st Screening (June 18 - July 14)
Entries were divided into several units. -> Jury Interviews

Results notification of the 1st screening (July 15)

2nd Screening (July 24 – September 9)
Held at Tokyo Big Sight and overseas based on the demand from applicants.

2nd Screening (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 5,6 ) (August 26 - 28)
For subjects who passed the 1st screening, we conducted a secondary screening using the actual products, panel or other documents. Day 1&3 was closed door, and Day 2 was conducted the “Interactive hearing”. We also conducted private screening, presentation screening and screening panel for co-project "Mekong Design Selection" which cooperated with Japan ASEAN Centre. Recommended "Good Design Best 100" candidate from each unit, Jury President, screening Vice-Chairman, was confirmed at a special screening unit.

2nd screening in Taiwan (August 4, 5)
Cooperated with Taiwan Design Center, the screening is for entries from Taiwan. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the Best 100 candidates.

2nd screening in Korea (August 5, 6)
Cooperated with Korea Institute of Design Promotion, the screening is for entries from Korea. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the Best 100 candidates.

2nd screening in Hong Kong (August 12, 13)
Cooperated with Hong Kong Design Center, the screening is for entries from China Mainland and Hong Kong. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the Best 100 candidates.

2nd screening in Nigata (August 19)
In accordance with the provisions of “conduct screening based on demands from applicants”, carried out a secondary screening in Nigata, supported by TsubameSanjo Regional Industries Promotion Center. Also conducted the interactive hearing and selected the Best 100 candidates.

Good Design Award and Best 100 Board (September 4)
Determine the 2nd screening results by jury Chairman, vice Chairman, and all unit leaders. The council of special screening unit decided Good Design Best 100 from entries that nominated from each unit, and then from these 100 items, juries selected candidates for Grand Prize.

Results notification of 2nd screening (September 10)
Results of Good Design Award and Best 100 released on Entry Site.

Notification of Grand Prize candidates(September 28)

Announcement of the award results (October 1)
Good Design Award 2014, Good Design Best100, and Good Design Grand Award candidates
-> Good Design Best 100
-> Good Design Grand Award candidates

Good Design Best 100 Designers Presentation (October 11 - 13)
-> Designers Presentation

Good Design Award Exhibition (G Exhibition) (Venue: Tokyo Midtown) (October 31 – November 4)
Exhibited all awarded items and conducted a variety of events surrounding.
-> Good Design Award Exhibition(G Exhibition)

Good Design Special Award Panel (October 30)
Selected by all jury members, and guest juries.

Voting for Good Design Grand Prize (October 31- November 3)
Vote by all visitors of award exhibition.

Good Design Award ceremony & Grand Prize (November 4)
Ceremony was held at The Ritz Carlton Tokyo. Visitors, juries and award winners cast votes and selected the Grand Prize.

Yearbook “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2014” Publish (March 2015)

Good Design Long Life Design Award 2014 Schedule

Long Life Design Award Guideline (April 15)
Guideline and Jury members released on Good Design Award official website.

Public recommendation (April 15 – June 16)
Accept public recommendation from users, designers and companies.

Candidate Selection Board (July 7)
Juries of Long Life design award select candidates from recommended design.

Company Application Deadline (July 23)
Application deadline of selected candidates for companies.

Long Life Design Award Candidate Exhibition & Public Message (August 1 - 8)
All candidates released on Good Design official website and receive public massages.

Long Life Design Award screening panel (August 26-28)
At Good Design Award secondary screening venue, performs screening by using the actual item and panel and Other Documents.

Announcement of the Long Life Design Award results (October 1)
-> Good Design Long Life Design Award

Long Life Design Exhibition (10月31日-11月3日)
Long Life Design Exhibition was held at Shibuya Hikarie 8F「8/」

Long Life Design Award Ceremony (November 2)
The ceremony was held at the Venue of Good Design Award Exhibition 2014.

Yearbook (March 2015)

Message from Chairman (April 15 2014)

To earn our respect and a place in society, the work of designers should always put us in a better position with things in our life. And as we expect more from the services, content, or connections their work offers, the roles design serves continue to evolve. We can now meet our needs more immediately, through a range of easy solutions that no longer require physical objects. But with so many refined and convenient functions at our disposal, we face such an array of new, unprecedented, and readily available solutions that it is doubtful we can truly master them.
Under the circumstances, a key role of design is to link people with this functionality. Services, content, and connections are all means to an end, and the clearer, smoother, and more immediate these solutions are, the greater impact the good design may have on our everyday environments. When our needs are satisfied easily and enjoyably, we also feel a sense of comfort.
In fact, comfort of all kinds is valued in many spheres of everyday life-where we live or spend time, in the cars we drive, and so on. Though it feels natural, this comfort is no doubt quite sophisticated. I believe it comes from appreciating many details subconsciously, qualities emphasized in our award evaluation in recent years as we celebrated design that is fitting, easy to use, and maintains a beautiful balance overall. I would like the program to focus more closely on these qualities of comfort.
By examining how functions and users come together and qualities are evoked through design, we can surely begin to envision a world where many people can live in comfort.

Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa
Chairman, 2014 Good Design Award