Outline of Good Design Award winners

2013|Project Outline

Good Design Award 2013 launched with Mr.Naoto Fukasawa as the chairman and Mr.Taku Sato as the vice chairman, following 2012. When the screening starts, a message was sent by Mr.Fukasawa that Design is the beauty of the relationship between the environment, people and thing, and screening is to find out the beauty when everything is related. The screenings will be presented by respecting "beautiful relationships, beautiful balance, and overall harmony".

Screening policy
HUMANITYInspiration for products and conceptual embodiments
HONESTYPerceptiveness toward contemporary society
INNOVATIONConcepts to pioneer the future
ESTHETICSImagination for prosperous lifestyle culture
ETHICSReflecting on society and environment

Viewpoint of the screening

1.Viewpoint for human body

  • Consideration for the safety
  • Consideration for aged or disabled people
  • Usability and user-friendliness
  • Everlasting design
  • Suggestion to prompt user's creativity

2.Viewpoint for lifestyle

  • Suggestion of new etiquette or manner
  • Consideration for the user and living environment
  • Suggestion for the way families or communities are
  • Suggestion for new working style or the way to join the society
  • Creativity of lifestyle for the near future

3.Viewpoint for Industry

  • Solution utilizing new technology or new material
  • New direction to utilize design
  • Suggestion for new method of production or supply
  • Contribution to create new industry or business
  • Suggestion for new style of industry or company

4.Viewpoint for society and the environment

  • Suggestion for the new personal communication
  • Creation of social or cultural value
  • Contribution to expand social infrastructure
  • Contribution to develop global cooperation
  • Contribution to realize sustainable society

Operation policy

Took over the improvement of fiscal 2012, this year's Good Design Award was conducted with a proper screening, increase of the winners profit policy and a basic policy to strengthen the public relations function.

Enhancement of screening :

  • To present screening with a perspective of "Structure・Interaction" for all the application subjects, a special screening unit was established and conducted a crossing screening.
  • At 1st screening, crossing screening was carried out for subjects in same area, and in order to perform a highly specialized screening specific at the 2nd screening, 1st screening unit and 2nd screening unit were separately organized. And 2nd screening unit determined result.
  • During the 2nd screening, we provided "hearing time" for the applicant as an opportunity for juries to get better understanding of the entries.
  • In order to improve the convenience of applicants and promote design activity in local area, based on demand and satisfied the conditions that with more than 30 entries, for applicant of companies・regions, We provided a second screening conducted in local city in Japan

Enhancement of promotion :
"Good Design Exhibition [G Exhibition]" was conducted at Tokyo Midtown from Oct 30 to Nov 4, expanded exhibits item to all awarded items since 2012. In conjunction with Tokyo Design Week, in cooperation with design related facilities including the award-winning companies, it enhanced the dissemination of information to domestic and abroad.

Presence Improvement of Good Design Award in Asia :

  • In addition to the design cooperation with Thailand and India, four countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are also targeted as a joint venture with the ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted a "Good Design Award Mekong Design Selection", 7 items been awarded.
  • In addition to Taiwan, South Korea of carrying out the local Screening in 2012, we conducted a 2nd screening in Hong Kong for applications from Hong Kong and mainland of China. With the support of venue cooperation from Hong Kong Design Centre, screening was conducted with 2 juries from Hong Kong, and 12 items been awarded.
  • Restructuring of the Special Award :
    The establishment of "Design for the Future Award" is to commend the designs to provide the epoch-making infrastructure for the future. "Good Design Sustainable Award" finished its role as a theme award to evoke design of society and integrated into the "Good Design Gold Award".

Long Life Design Award is an award that embodies the Good Design movement last for 56 years; it was reorganized as the Japan Design Promotion Organization Chairman's Award and independent from the Good Design Award.

Entries categorized of Good Design Award

With the development of service industry and information technology of the society, area of design is expanding not only in actual form (hardware) but information, communication, system and business model as well. In response to such change, we decided to classify the entries in "layer" and "region" since 2012,

  • Area of design
    (1) Life : personal, home, and other related design in life
    (2) Production : production, manufacture, distribution, marketing design
    (3) Public : Design of the infrastructure of society, including health care and education, and other design related to the society in general
  • Layer of design
    (1) Hardware layer
    (2) Information and communication layer
    (3) System, service and business model layer

We set the entries object categorized based on the combination of "layer" and "area as above.

Schedule of Good Design Award 2013

Release of Good Design Award 2013 Outline (April 1)
Outline of Good Design Award 2013 was released on official website.

Call for entry period of the Good Design Award (April 17- June 12)

First Screening (June 20 - July 11)
The first screening was carried out by several screening units.

Result notification of first screening (July 12)

Second Screening (July 20 - September 9)
Screening at Makuhari Messe, oversea screening and applicant based screening were conducted during this period.

Second Screening (Venue : Makuhari Messe Hall 3・4)(August 21-23)
2nd screening was conducted basically evaluated with actual product of entries that pass the 1st screening.
Privately review was conducted at the first and second day, and third day carried out "interactive hearing" for applicants and presentation review, unreleased review in additional.

Conducted a review of entries in collaboration with Thailand Design Excellence Award and "Mekong Design Selection", a joint project with ASEAN-Japan Centre,

Chairman, vice chairman of jury and special screening unit confirmed the "Good Design Best 100" candidates recommended from each unit.

2nd Screening in Korea (August 13・14)
Screening conducted with the cooperation of Korea Institute of Design Promotion for entries from Korea.
Conducted the interactive hearing and selected the "Good Design Best 100" candidates.

2nd Screening in Taiwan (August 15・16)
Screening conducted with the cooperation of Taiwan Design Center for entries from Taiwan.
Conducted the interactive hearing and selected the "Good Design Best 100" candidates.

2nd Screening in Taiwan (August 27・28)
Screening conducted with the cooperation of Hong Kong Design Center for entries from Hong Kong and mainland of China.
Conducted the interactive hearing and selected the "Good Design Best 100" candidates.

2nd Screening in Niigata (August 29)
According to the needs of applicants, a 2nd screening was conducted with the cooperation of TsubameSanjo Regional Industries Promotion Center for entries from Niigata area.
Conducted the interactive hearing and selected the "Good Design Best 100" candidates.

Good Design Award Board and "Good Design Best 100" Selection Board (September 4)
Chairman, vice chairman of jury and each unit leaders made a determination of the results of 2nd screening and selected "Good Design Best 100" with juries of special award unit.
From the "Good Design Best 100", "Grand Prize candidates" were selected by Chairman and vice chairman jury.

Result notification of 2nd Screening (September 10)
Result of Good Design Award, Good Design Best 100, and Good Design Award candidates was notified to all applicants through the entry site.

Award Announcement (Oct 1)
Good Design Award 2013, Good Design Best 100, Good Design Grand Award candidates have been announced.

Good Design Award Exhibition "GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2013 (G Exhibition)" (Venue : Tokyo Midtown) (Oct 30 - Nov 4)
In exhibits with all awarded items of 2013, and various design related events were held during the exhibition period.

- Award Ceremony (Oct 30)
Award Ceremony was conducted to celebrate with all awards recipients. And a certificate of commendation was handled to the winners on the other day.

- Good Design Best 100 Designers Presentation (Nov 1 - 4)
Presentations by designers of Good Design Best 100 were conducted.

- Good Design Grand Award Vote (Oct 30 - Nov 4)
Conducted a vote for the Good Design Award by award exhibition visitors.

- Good Design Special Awards Panel (Nov 5)
All Juries including guest juries were gathered, conducted a special award panel and determined the result of special awards.

- Good Design Special Award Announcement (Nov 7)
Good Design Award Special Award announced with chairman and vice-chairman of jury attended.

- Good Design Special Award Ceremony (Venue: Ritz-Carlton Tokyo) (Dec 6)

YEARBOOK [GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013] Publication (March, 2014)

Schedule of Good Design Long Life Award 2013

Long Life Design Award Guideline Release (July 19)
Judges and guideline of Long Life Design Award released on Good Design Award website.

Public Recommendation Period (July 19- Aug 14)
Recommendation by designer, user, and company was acceptable on Good Design Award website.

Determination of subject to review (Aug 30)
Long Life Design juries made the decision to candidates from recommended design.

Application deadline (Sep 13)
Deadline to apply for Long Life Design Award.

Long Life Design Award Candidates Exhibition and Feedback gathering (Oct 1 - 16)
An exhibition of Long Life Design Award Candidates was conducted and received many messages from public.

Long Life Design Award Screening panel (Oct 18)
Long Life Design Award Judges reviewed with actual products and made a conclusion to the result of Long Life Design Award.

Long Life Design Award Announcement・Ceremony (Oct 30)
Announcement and ceremony were carried out during the Good Design Award Night.

Long Life Design Award (Oct 30 - Nov 13)
An exhibition of Long Life Design Award design set at 6F of Shibuya Loft.

YEARBOOK publication (March 2014)
All Good Design Long Life awarded item will be published in Yearbook.